If i were in a country where they speak another language If you were in a country where  they speak another language  the first thing you would do is....  What do you think?
Apr 5, 2019 6:55 PM
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I experienced strong frustration and panic in countries, where people didn't speak English.

I don't know what could be done if you hadn't learn basic language of the country where you decided to travel. But next time I am in these countries I will learn some phrases before traveling. 
April 5, 2019
Does it make sense to use a phrasebook or is it better to buy a voice translator?
April 5, 2019

Leave the airport...

Then, would I learn some phrases? Probably, but it depends: are they an anglophone country? Do they have multiple languages? etc. Practically speaking, I have sometimes encountered everything from suspicion and incomprehension when expressing interest in certain languages.

April 5, 2019