To people who ask why I want to complicate grammar

To people who ask why complicating grammar:

Why shouldn’t we complicate grammar?

Calculators have simplified algebraic solutions, and what’s the result? Modern pupils are worse at calculating.

Computers have simplified writing and what’s the result? More and more people are worse at handwriting now.

If we simplify our languages, then our brains will deteriorate in functioning! 

Humans use complex languages that’s why we are different from other animals,

Cats use only meow to express themselves, so you might think that we should simplify our language to meow as well, right?

Human beings are complex thinkers, the trend of simplifying is making us less intelligent.

Complicating English grammar will help improve our memory logic, reasoning, etc.

Simplifying will result in a loss of logic and laziness.

Apr 6, 2019 1:19 AM
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Alan, you sound like you have all the answers to your dilemma and scoff at some of the replies. In one example of what you said, you are complicating one language with another. In English we don’t have feminine and masculine like they do in the Romance languages. So I’ve no idea what you’re babbling on about. Or maybe you are just trying to impress us with your rhetoric, laced with Latin quotes. The English language is complicated as it is so if you want to complicate it even more within your mind, then go ahead. However your syntax does require improvement in itself. Whether you like it or not, we native speakers don’t have to complicate our language. We are just fine as it is. 
April 6, 2019
Tempus.edax.rerum, this discussion board is filled with language requests. It’s time to cause some riot. I hope the discussion board gets more exciting! 
April 6, 2019
Alan, you are having a relapse.  Just sit down and think calm thoughts. :)   Remember how you were saying nice things for a very long time?
April 6, 2019
I just have a simple question: 
Are you sure that you use the correct English grammar all the time? Or you still have a little bit of mistake? If you still make a mistake when you are using English so why would you want to make it complicated instead of improving yourself first? 
April 6, 2019

your statement, "to people who ask why I want to complicate grammar" does not make sense to me. Grammar is grammar, you cannot complicate it.

I think you want to say, "to people who ask why I want to USE complicateD grammar"

Then you say, "To people who ask why complicating grammar" which is not grammatically correct

However, most of the sentences you write are not very complicated grammatically.

Maybe people ask you this question because you try to use complicated grammar intentionally, whereas you should be trying to communicate and making yourself understood by others. Maybe you do not use complicated grammar correctly and therefore do not convey what you are trying to say to others.

Is learning grammar good? I think so. It helps one understand what others are trying to say, and helps them understand oneself.

I read once that newspapers only use about 200 unique words. Why is that? Because the majority of people have a limited every-day vocabulary and would not buy the paper if they could not understand it.

You should speak to your audience. Would you use "complicated" grammar when talking to a baby?

Good luck

April 6, 2019
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