What do you think about today's young people in your county⁉︎ What do you think about today's elder people in your county⁉︎

Intergenerational excahange is as important as cultural excahange(including language excahang) and I sometimes think intergenerational exchange is more difficult than cultural exchange.

Can you get along well with everyone,regardless of age?

Apr 6, 2019 2:14 AM
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Thank you for your comments.

I want to introduce Yutori generation.People who were born between 1987 to 2004 were called Yutori sedai in Japan. The term is used to describe the education style of schools in both elementary and high school levels. The government made large cuts to the curriculum in order to reduce the stress of the students. The government later admitted that the Yutori education system was a mistake (I don't agree this conclusion), which further solidified the public’s stigma about people who received the Yutori education. Some think the most popular characteristics of the Yutori generation are that they have less desire for promotions, material things than other generations.

I'm Yutori generation. I sometimes think this view is unfair. It all depends on the individual.

April 6, 2019
This is indeed an interesting topic!

I find that actually communicating with people older than you is in fact that not difficult when people start to understand one another.

Prejudices and stereotypes are the things that stop people from communicating.

What are your thoughts?


April 6, 2019

Hello, Daichi!

You bring up a very interesting topic for discussion. I think it depends on the situation and the person. Sometimes people just don’t seem able to understand each other. Whether it be a difference in personality, perspective, or culture, sometimes people just don’t have much in common. I agree with you when you say that intergenerational exchange is important, though. I believe young people have much to learn from the elderly, if only we are willing to take the time and listen. 

I think the elderly in my country (America) have a hard time understanding young people. The era in which these elderly people lived was simpler and in some ways better. Yes, they worked hard, but costs of living like housing, food, healthcare, and education were much more affordable than they are now. Sometimes I feel that the elderly have a difficult time understanding younger generations (and vice versa) because American culture has changed so much from back when they were growing up to the present day. 

I can get along with mostly everyone. There are always exceptions, though. 

What do you think? Sorry this comment was so long! 🤓


April 6, 2019
It's an interesting topic. I get along well with people regardless their age.
April 6, 2019
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