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Is booking 3 lessons same teacher back to back too ambitious?

I ask because I did this and the new teacher hasn't replied after nearly 24h. The new teacher has an interesting background. No disrespect to other teachers but this teacher is one of the most interesting that I have seen being directly aligned with some of my interests in language learning. Do you think the teacher has been a bit intimidated?

If the teacher doesn't reply, I won't be able to look for another teacher because of the 24h limit and I won't have instant tutoring as a backup.

Apr 6, 2019 7:42 PM
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My thinking on this is similar to Sara’s. I’ll add that it’s always best to send a letter of introduction when requesting a first lesson. Requesting a three-hour first lesson is rather ambitious, and you should certainly provide the teacher with full information about your language level and expectations. If you don’t do so, the teacher may conclude you are difficult to communicate with. An outstanding teacher will be able to handle any learning needs you may have, but why tie his hands behind his back? One other thing — the teachers and tutors here a freelancers — if they wanted to put all their eggs in one basket working for one person, they’d get a full-time job. Much safer to let the three hours go to three different students.

BTW, I’ve had teachers insist on my providing an introductory message (on those occasions where I haven't bothered to) — despite the fact that I have tons of public activity on this site (including lessons taken and taught). Go figure….

April 6, 2019

You should have discussed this with her in your last class. It is a bit ambitious but not too excessive. Giving the teacher a 5 min break after every 70 minutes is recommended. I have done a 3-hour lesson last week. It was a bit intimidating because it was the first time I was teaching the same person for 3 straight hours. But everything went wonderfully well. A student should also be committed and energized. 

I frequently conduct a 2-hour lesson with the same person. Time flies when you plan beforehand some material to discuss or when you have a good rapport with each other.

April 6, 2019
It doesn't necessarily mean that the teacher has been intimidated. There may well be other reasons which have nothing to do with your request. You say, he(she) has an outstanding background, so his (her) lessons are probably in high demand which takes him (her) longer to reply. Or it's just weekend in most countries so the teacher may be offline.  I don't think you should take it on your account :) In my opinion, wanting to have an extended lesson shows your interest and enthusiasm. 
No, it definitely has nothing to do with your request.
To have a three-hour lesson is pretty ambitious though :)
April 6, 2019

I know my opinion is different than Chuck's opinion.

If you already had one or two lessons with the teacher, then booking 3 lessons in a row is not unreasonable.
It takes a lot of work to learn another language, so if one can afford to take many lessons, then they should take many lessons.

But if the teacher is slow to accept your request, do not panic.
Maybe the teacher is not well or maybe he/she has something important to do or maybe their computer or internet is not working.
Be patient.

Here is an example of how you can work around the 24 hour rule.

If you want a lesson with a teacher, you can have the lesson whenever you want (if you and the teacher are both available).
After the lesson, you can book a lesson next Wednesday or Thursday (on any other day) and you will not have a lesson on that day with that teacher but that lesson will pay for the lesson you had today.

Hope this helps...

April 6, 2019

Umm, yes, too ambitious in my opinion. Now, if you can afford to do such things and find a willing teacher, then that is all that really matters. It is your life, do what you want!

My own view is, it is best to review the material that you have learned, try to commit it to memory, and then continue on. Twice a week would be about my limit with one teacher.  Since your action is a bit uncommon, you may just be freaking out the teacher as he/she wonders what is going on.   

Keep us posted as to what happens.

April 6, 2019
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