If you could choose any career or any job what would it be and why?
Apr 7, 2019 1:48 AM
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If I had to choose a job which I had not to worry about my income, I'd definitely choose to be a baker. 
April 7, 2019
I would like to work as a detective or a spy. I would love to be the next Sherlock Holmes))
April 7, 2019
Well, I do not know that I could fix upon one situation in particular, but some of my interests involve the following:

- architecture;

- civil engineering;

- english literature - perhaps a teacher;

- art history - perhaps an art dealer or auctioneer;

- history - a curator of a museum;

- archaeology

- environmental research - I wish I could do something to preserve this planet for posterity;

- travel writer;

There are so many things I share an interest in, and yet, sadly, I am stuck in this one dull, boring, menial job that I esteem meaningless and soul-destroying. Ah, well! Such is life.

How about yourself?

April 7, 2019