Thought Of The Day💡

Good morning, lovely people☕️👋


Finally, Spring is in the air⛅️21 C is expected today🌻and I'm feeling so happy🐰


Here's a new fresh inspiring #TOTD special for you:

'Keep your thoughts positive because you thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive because your behavior become your habits.

Keep your habits positive because your  habits become your values.

Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.'

- Mahatma Gandhi


By the way, I've just found out that today the weekend hashtag project is #whpfavoritecolor.


Do you want to play with me? What is your favourite colour🎨? Mine is blue💙 Read and comment below⤵️


Have a beautiful weekend🙏 

Apr 7, 2019 10:29 AM
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Haha, Marie, it is going to come across as probably weird but I saw you in my dream. Not that I know what you look like, but women with green onesie(ish) jumpsuit floated around in my dream for a second or two. and I knew I my subconscious it is the positive quote lady on italki. Keep on :D
April 7, 2019
haha great positivity in the morning. I'm here in Brazil and its Fall. Today is a rainy day, but I'm enjoying it. my favorite color is Yellow!! 
April 7, 2019

Privet Marie! It is really commendable that you keep posting these nice refreshing posts everyday  without getting demotivated even if someone comments or not! Sorry, but after reading your interesting and thought provoking TOTD,  you sound like one those super enthusiastic radio Jockeys who are ready to motive the whole city in the morning:D   And if you are not, then I think I should open a radio channel in my Troglotopia and will request you to be the Radio Jockey of the channel. The radio channel name would be Trglosphere:D

Have a great day!:)

April 7, 2019
Hello, Beshoy👋
The green colour is chosen by the champions💪 I also know this is one of the traditional colours of the Lamborghini cars brand☺️
Have a nice day🙋
April 7, 2019
I like all the colors in the rainbow, my favorite color is red and purple. Blue is also an elegant choice.
April 7, 2019
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