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Learn Cantonese粵語學習-How to greet others in Cantonese如何用廣東話打招呼 (Dialogue: wui6 min6會面 meeting)

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Let's Learn the following words and dialogue:
saang1 ci4 生詞 New words: zou2 san4 早晨 Good morning sin1 saang1 先生 Mr,Sir,gentleman,husband siu2 ze2 小姐   Miss,young lady gam1 jat6 今日   today dim2  點      how ……ne1 呢?  what about……?(a word that repeats the same question about a different matter) keoi5 佢     she/he/it/him/her dou1 都    also/too hou2 好  good,well (adv/adj) gei2 hou2  幾好  good,fine jau5 sam1 有心 kind of you to ask zoi3 gin3 再见 goodbye deoi3 waa6 對話 dialogue A:zou2 san4 ,wong4 sin1 saang1 。 早晨,王先生。 Good morning,Mr Wang! B: zou2 san4 ,zoeng1 siu2 ze2 。nei5 gam1 jat6 dim2 aa3 ? 早晨,張小姐,你今日點啊? Good morning,Ms Zhang!How are you today? A:ngo5 hou2 hou2 。nei5 ne1 ? 我好好。你呢? I am good.What about you? B: ngo5 dou1 hou2 hou2 ! 我都好好! I am good too. A: nei5 taai3 taai2 ne1 ? 你太太呢? What about your wife? B: keoi5 dou1 gei2 hou2,jau5 sam1 !zoi3 gin3 ! 佢都幾好,有心!再見! She is good too!kind of you to ask!See you! A: zoi3 gin3! 再見! See you!

Apr 7, 2019 12:44 PM
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Hi all,

I hope this video will help you learn some Cantonese!:)

I am trying to record some videos for learning Cantonese and Mandarin.If you have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to share with me!

Have a good day~


April 7, 2019


Terima kasih banyak, Bu Guru

April 7, 2019
Hi, I try to sent you a message, but you block your message button.
I want to learn basic English, and I will teach you bahasa Indonesia.
Thank you.
September 20, 2019

您好,是否可以教我中文/广东话? 我可以教你印尼语

我的微信 Sugi3888

May 4, 2019
Thank you for the video
May 1, 2020
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