What are the most horrible and unexpected topics on language exams you have heard about so far?

I would be curious about your experiences. I know the system of a certain language exam can be dissimilar in a world-wide sense, and all the requirements must be open and accurately defined but yet, sometimes an unexpected surprise may appear, and you must talk about a theme about you do not have any opinions even not in your native language. I think most of users here would like to dodge these situations by preparing for them.

I must make it clear that I am curious about topics that may turn out on an advanced language exam. To start with, currently I feel that if I were asked to talk about " tax return ", or "breast augmentation" ( I am a guy :D), I would not have any idea. Perhaps I would just be confused and keep saying "eeeer..." giving a big K.O. to my points. If you were in this shoe before, or participated on an exam you must know this feeling very well, because perhaps you have experienced this or you were just afraid of it as you were aware of the topics you were weaker at.

So what are our statistical vulnerabilities? Could you help me accumulate them? Do you have any stories come to your mind due to this? Just let me know. :) 

Apr 7, 2019 2:38 PM
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Normally they don't give you such topics. Their objective is to assess your level, not to make you feel uncomfortable.
April 7, 2019
I know, but sometimes they have a bad day or just are fed up with the students and decide to get the examinee sweat.
Anyway when I wrote breast augmentationfor example I did not mean it in a surgical manner, I considered it a topic about plastic surgeries. (adverse effects, reasons, possible physical sourses and so on) It is a possible theme I bet :D. Just to abstract for me. 
April 7, 2019
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