Vanessa M. Rosatti
Discussion about many topics to improve your portuguese

Hi, everyone!

I love to discuss about everything, so I was wondering if I could do this with anyone? I'm a native portuguese speaker from Brazil and if you want to improve your speaking skills with me and in the same time talk about interesting topics, just send me a menssage here on italki!

Of course I want to improve my english and my german, so if you think you have a high level in this languages or even in both of them, we can change experiences and help each other to become better!

I prefere to talk with teenagers of 12-15 years old, because i'm 13, but if you think your capable to discuss with me( I say this because teens are in school, so they recive informations all the time and we could have more things in common) just send me a mensage saying who are you, your age, where do you live, what do you like do to, ect.

We don't have to talk only about certain topics, I also love netflix(Riverdale is my favourite serie), to drawn, listen to music(american pop S2), love history class, fashion, learning about differents cultures, so we can also have a casual conversation =)

Now I'm just open to chat with people through italki, but if we get more closer we could try to speak to each other through voicecalls, etc.

See you !


Apr 7, 2019 4:14 PM