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I will help fund the cost of a "Scroll to the Bottom Button"... :)

Some discussions are very popular, so there will be many pages of comments.
Sometimes we have to scroll down to the bottom of a page, click on Show More, scroll down the page again and hit Show More again.

This sequence may have to be repeated ten or more times to get to the end of a popular discussion.

Many websites have solved the problem of repeated, frustrating scrolling by adding a simple button called:

"Go to the End"
"Go to the Bottom"
"Scroll to the End" or
"Jump to the End".

I am willing to contribute $5 to italki if they promise to develop and install a simple button that we can click on to go to the end of a long discussion.

What do you think?

Apr 7, 2019 6:21 PM
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It's a great idea. Also, there could be a button for change comment order to "newest first", enable notifications to one's commented or favourite discussions.It's weird that italki lacks these seemingly basic features.
April 8, 2019
I´d be happy to give a million in Monopoly currency to make that happen :) Yeah, it´s been a drag that italki didn´t yet place such a button, and then you have discussions with like a 100 responses and just getting to the end is exhausting!
April 8, 2019

No, I don't think it'll help but it wouldn't hurt ho try. Italki already received countless mails by users with suggestions for the discussion forum. The difference is that classes make money and the forum doesn't. And even though they're losing a lot of money by this move, they got rid of the instant tutoring anyway. So, a new button in the forum isn't high on their priority list. Yeah, it's depressing that italki doesn't seem to be able to offer a basic forum structure.

April 8, 2019

I think, we should keep upvoting your offer and stop commenting on it until they introduce such a button! :)

Joking aside, it would be great if italki added the button (or the opportunity to choose pages). Now I'm thinking of writing to them on this matter too.

Sending our requests did help just a couple of days ago, I guess , when they were about to throw away 45 minute lessons but so many people stood up for them. Maybe in the case with scrolling down endlessly there aren't enough requests so far. But your post must surely draw attention to it.

April 8, 2019


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Of course, I didn't really intend to send any money to italki.
I was just offering to pay because it looks like italki needs more than our many requests to provide a website feature that many of us have asked for... to no avail.

April 8, 2019
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