Some subjects to write about in the Notebook section? The key to keep you motivated while learning languages is to have a clear and realistic goal and challenge yourself from time to time. A writing challenge is a good example of an strategy to improve your language skills. But, writing about your day everyday life could be boring and posting any personal information on the internet is not a good idea. Anyway, you can take advantage of the Notebook section to challenge yourself to write in your target languages in a week or in a whole month. Here it is a list of possible subjects to give you an idea to make you start writing:

    The last episode of your favorite serie
    The last film you saw
    The last book you read
    A place in your country
    A famous scientist or artist
    Something about your day
    A TED talk
    A particular tradition in your country
    The transport system in your city
    Your language goals
    A city you would like to visit

Keep your notes short. You don’t have to write a whole book chapter. This way, it will be easier for others to review it. What about you? What are your favorite subjects? Have you already taken a writing challenge?
Apr 7, 2019 9:27 PM
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Thanks Terecia for the comment. I've never tried translating an article as a writing exercise. I agree, for beginners, writing some phrases about daily life is a good starting point
April 10, 2019
Thank you for sharing this interesting topic.
     The samples you wrote about is a good challenge for someone whose proficiency level has reached lower intermediate level. 
      For those who are still at absolute beginner level, writing simple daily life posts is a good start. 
       Translating articles that are written in native language into one's target language could also be a challenge.
        Composing a dialogue from scenes of the part of a story could be a mean of practising spoken expression.
         In a word, to be a good writer, one should have a good reading habits, grasp an immense of vocabularies, and know how to use them.
April 8, 2019