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Word mash-ups! Do you know any?

Have you ever eaten mashed potatoes? You take some potatoes, combine them, squish them together and get a new dish which looks more like porridge. For making a word mash-up you will need to do pretty much the same: take two words, mash them together and get a new one!

Let's see what we can do here:

Brunch. Have you heard this word before? breakfast + lunch = brunch. It starts from whatever time you want and ends about 2-3pm, so if you have a meal from the time you wake up till afternoon, you probably eat brunch.

Internest. It's a cozy place made in a bed where you can curl up, like in a nest, and surf the internet.

Hangry. Yes, the spelling is correct, it's just hanrgy = hungry + angry. It means that someone's angry simply because he is terribly hungry.

And one more example: when I get home after a long working day, I feel so tired that I start speaking Chinglish (Chinese + English) or Ringlish (Russian + English).

What word mash-ups do you know?

Or if you just made somethign up, share it this us:)

Apr 8, 2019 3:32 AM