Is podcast really helpful in English learning? I am wondering if podcast really could improve our English.
As there is no subtitle or script availble,   sometime I dont understand or dont know the new vocabulary. I dont literally learn new words. 
BUT I do think it can help us to 'submerge' in English environment.

Feel free to discuss your idea about learning by different ways. 

Apr 8, 2019 10:07 AM
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Hi Sofia, 

There are other things to practise your English. You can find TEDX with subtitles on youtube (short videos concerning whatever topic you like). As well, something that has really helped me to improve my English is reading and listening to the audiobook at the same time. Great exercise considering the difficulty that exists in English with stress and pronunciation. 

I hope this helped you

April 8, 2019
I know good website which offer podcast with subtitles
April 8, 2019

Why don't you listen to podcasts with subtitle?. There are a lot available and made for the purpose of learning the language. There also some features i saw, like it give you the expected new vocab and its definitions.

April 8, 2019