Some prepositions of directions. I've read today an article about prepositions and decided to share this information, because I think it's really useful and enjoyable. So prepositions of directions. As for me, I knew first of all two prepositions of vertical, so up and down. Apart these two prepositions there are some prepositions about vertical as well. Above and below, under and over. What's the difference? Above and below are prepositions, which are talking about an unmoving position. For example, temperature or a position of a football team in a league. Under and over are prepositions, which can talk about movement that goes on above or below us. Now I try to translate these prepositions into Russian as I've got it:
Above - наверху, конкретно над тобой что-то находится;
Below - внизу, конкретно что-то под тобой;
Over - над чем-то, как правило, что-то движущееся;
Under - под чем-то;
Up - направление движения вверх или просто вверх;
Down - вниз, направление движения вниз.
Как-то так. Good luck to everyone. 
Apr 8, 2019 3:06 PM
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Спасибо, это было полезно.
April 8, 2019