The Date . top 5 topics for conversation and best the 15 open questions. Hello everyone, I am going on a date. Please advise the top 5 topics for conversation and the top 15 open questions.
Apr 8, 2019 4:54 PM
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Learn as much as you can about your date. For example, if you are at his/her home, see what is hung up and displayed, these are things he/she is proud of. See what they post on Facebook or social media. Again, they are posting things in order to invite compliments and attention.  Most people love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments and so the conversation centered around these areas should flow rather well.  Try to weave in any connections you may have in these areas.

Other common topics are:

Where you grew up


What your folks did for a living

Where you have traveled to

April 8, 2019

some ideas

work, family, food, hobbies, tv shows/movies

number one question - married? ; )

April 8, 2019
Language Skills
English, Russian
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