How to find fun young tutor to discuss Pokemon Go or Minecraft in CANTONESE with my 8 year old son

Does such a tutor exist on the italki site? 

My shy 8 year old attends a Cantonese immersion school and is crazy about Pokemon Go and Minecraft. 

I'm hoping to find a fun young tutor (preferably a young male tutor, a teenager would be great) who is plays Pokemon Go and/or Minecraft who would be able to have conversations in Cantonese about the games or other kid topics with my son 2-3 sessions per week. 

I've reached out to a couple tutors, but I suspect what I really need is a tutor's teenage child to tutor my child - to have conversations about different Pokemon and their powers and the Pokemon they caught this week, their evolutions, and such. 

The grammar and writing my kiddo gets at school, but what I'm really looking for is someone who plays these games to have conversations about Pokemon Go (or Minecraft) in Cantonese with my kiddo. 

A young tutor wouldn't even need to speak English - a Cantonese only speaker is fine - they just need to have a strong interest in Pokemon Go and a willingness to be patient and speak clearly and repeat things (and use pictures and use gestures) to communicate in Cantonese with a 8 year old. 


Apr 8, 2019 5:56 PM
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Hi, I am a Cantonese tutor. I don't play Pokemon Go but I know what it is (because my friends play it) and I used to watch Pokemon animated series. I used to be a primary school teacher teaching Computer Literacy and I always get along well with kids. I hope I can help.
April 9, 2019
Sorry. This is an English teaching site. But you can teach hong konger kids then ask them to play Pokémon go. But I think it is difficult. Good luck! 
April 8, 2019
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April 8, 2019