Enzo Rosito Machado
What “to Fall into" and "to Crawl into” means

Hey guys

I,ve been listening to Passenger songs and in the song “Somebody <sup>‘</sup>s Love” he says  “you ‘re gonna need somebody’s love to fall into” and “you’re gonna need somebody’s arms to crawl into” and I would like to know the meaning of the expressions “to fall into” and “to crawl into” in the sentences

Thanks! <o:p></o:p>

Apr 8, 2019 6:08 PM
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Hi Enzo!

"To fall into" is to move forward into something without control. The English idiom is that people "fall in" love, because love is something you can't control, right?

"To crawl" is to move on your hands and kneels, like a baby or little kid does. You have more choice over how you move when you crawl than when you fall, yeah? So "crawling towards" somebody, in a love song, is saying "choosing" them.

Hope that helps!

April 8, 2019