Why do teachers/tutors decline a lesson request? I just wanted to book a lesson but the teacher declined the request right away without giving any explanation. So my question is, if you are a teather or a tutor here, why do you usually decline a request?

P.S. Except for "I don't have time that day anymore"
Apr 8, 2019 7:56 PM
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I decline lessons (or end the first lesson early) for the following reasons:

- Some students are looking for a speciality that isn't one of my specialities.

- Some students have unreasonable expectations (such as to be fluent by Monday for a job interview).

- Some lessons have clearly stated conditions but the student ignores the conditions.

I send a brief explanation and ask them to find another teacher.

To minimize these problems, I clearly state that students must contact me before requesting a lesson.  Some request a lesson without contacting me.  So, I contact them, and if they don't answer, I refuse the request.

April 8, 2019
Some teachers have recently reported issues with their calendars. Apparently, the calendar shows some of their unavailable slots as available and they can't seem to change it. 

Also, some teachers decline lesson requests if you don't introduce yourself when you book the lesson - especially if they ask for a short message from a new student in their profile.

However, I do think that it would be nice if the teacher gave the reason for not accepting the request. 

I've declined a lesson request twice so far. Both times I wrote a polite message to my students with an explanation. One student said he understood, but never booked his trial lesson again and the other one didn't say anything, but booked another date. 
April 8, 2019
Have you booked with this teachef before or was it the first time? I guess, only the teacher can tell you, why they declined. It happened to me once when I booked a second class with a teacher. They declined without comment and I never found out why. I actually thought that our first class had been quite enjoyable ...
April 8, 2019
Three kunts have just done this to me in the last two days.
August 11, 2022
I requested a lesson from a teacher (first time with her) and the request was declined. No reason given. I looked and saw that the time slot was still available. I was confused so I messaged the teacher and asked why the lesson was declined. Maybe there was a mistake? She responded by blocking me. Now I am unable to book or message her. I don't get it. Am I missing something? This has never happened before with any of the other teachers.
August 14, 2022