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I am hungry for sharing opinions on some topics with people from diverse coutries. Discussion section here is conquered by people looking for language partners. Can you recommend any other site for serious discussion?
Apr 9, 2019 12:38 PM
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Concerning English-Spanish there're good forums about specific subjects in wordreference. 

Here a way to keep interesting matters in the first positions, is searching deep in the forum and writing a comment to make it pop up at the top again. I think it works like this anyway. 

I hope this helped.

Un saludo

April 9, 2019
walden, I meant that this flood of partnership requests is likely a result by advertizing campaign by Italki.
More new people come and see partenrship requests on the forum and they add their requests and there is a flood:)

But then some of them will start wrtiting posts on the forum and maybe the forum will become more interesting.

April 10, 2019

      The discussion forum was used to be an interesting place for discussion last year. It is flooded by the stream of requests all of a sudden.

     Having said that, what kind of topics are you interested in? 

     It is highly appreciated if you would throw interesting topics in English or any target languages while digging deeper into the abyss of requests to find interesting topics as David has mentioned before.

Thank you,


April 9, 2019
Thank you, Terecia~~:)
April 10, 2019
Perhaps you'd like to have a look on https://evengreener.createaforum.com/general-discussion/
April 10, 2019
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