Ayu shavira fachrisy
Something viral in my country, and this story is very cruel!!!! Hey now it's 05:30am in Indonesia, yeah i'm always wake up in the early morning even tho there is no thing i wanna do today i claimed it as my good habit😌😌
There is something viral inmy country exactly in the city of Pontianak. There is 12 girls in high school who was bullying 1 girl in junior high school, you know what did they do???
1. They kicked her little tummy
2. They droped her head to the asphalt
3. They hited her 
And the worst thing....
One girl is push her finger in to her pu**y an push over and over to make her lose her virginity...im feel so bad. 

Fyi, her victim's family trying to get mediate with the perpetrator's family but they kid....they didnt want to get apologize and feeling not guilty or something🙄🙄🙄 
And victim conditions now, she is in hospital and her pus*y is swollen and crushed becuse of the rude girl.
Ohya they did not gang up but they did it by rotating and doing it. Only 4 people did it but who saw and laughed at 12 people including 4 people who did it and the rest laughed and looked without helping. See how strong they are.

So, the background of this story is....
First this is about social media, starting from each other yelling in social media but it was not her (victim) but her cousin had a problem. And this problem is because of a boy, so? they want to meet this cousin and when they meet in the real world this cousin brings her to provoke the anger of this cousin, they torture her (victim) and see now? Feeling guilty? oh of course not.
i think they got metal illness🙄
So, her victim's family now heading to the legal route and trying to get a justic for her kid.
And i hope it will be better for audrey, ohya btw her name is audrey. I have a picture of them, i got this for the internet, but here i cant post photos. So, you can check in the twitter or instagram with #justiceforaudrey.

Thank you for reading this. And please give me the corections. I realize i have so many wrong grammar here hahaha😭😭 
And btw wht do u think about this guys?
Apr 9, 2019 10:54 PM