Ask Students About ThingsYou Disagree With

Hey teachers,

Sometimes it can be challenging to talk about some topics with our students, especially ones we disagree with. We call these sensitive topics, controversial topics, or difficult topics. 

Many people will tend to avoid these topics because they don't want to offend their students. Fair enough. But I've laid out simple guideline that might help you be able to talk about any topic, especially if you disagree with your student.

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1. Listen... don't preach

2. Remember your objective: to improve their language

3. Correct their language so they can communicate their opinion better

This will allow you to have more meaningful conversations with your students and have them excited to come back to your lesson because these are things they believe in.

If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Apr 10, 2019 7:44 AM
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Exactly, Hanji! That's one of the biggest benefits of teaching and learning another language, the learning from other's points of view and perspectives. As a teacher, I've seen other teachers insist on their perspective as "the right one", which can be unprofessional. You're absolutely right, it's important to learn from other people as we're on this journey!

Thank you for sharing! 

April 10, 2019

Teachers have to be more patient about 2 and 3 but what he says about 1 in the video is the basis of the continuing the meaningful conversation with foreigners. As a student, if my teacher tells me from different perspective, I would think it's interesting and appreciate it. He teaches me not only the language but also how to think. When I choose a teacher, I consider whether he has his own opinions. Otherwise the conversation is likely to be monotone. The point is the talking way. If the teacher talks strongly and insists his idea, it becomes "preach". 

April 10, 2019