English Speaking Practice Hi guys,

I'm from Shanghai, my foot hurt last weekend(it's not very serious), so I have to stay at home nearly a month. I'm looking for language partners to improve my English speaking .My English level is upper intermediate. I can also help you with Chinese if necessary.

If you are interested please message me, we can do language exchange by skype.


Apr 10, 2019 11:22 AM
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My foot got caught in the wheel of the four-seat bicycle in the park
April 11, 2019

I am willing to help you English and hoping you will help me with my Mandarin.

Kind Regards

April 10, 2019
HI! I would like to talk with you
April 10, 2019
I'm also willing to take part in language exchange if you are still interested. I guess my Mandarin is also about upper intermediate.
April 14, 2019
Hi I'm happy to help you with your english! Just message me
April 11, 2019
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