Let's talk about food. What's your favourite dish? Please give examples and describe it a bit
Apr 10, 2019 3:34 PM
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I like Bibimbap- a Korean dish that is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul and gochujang, soy sauce or doenjang

Bibim = mixed ingredients

Bap= rice 

April 10, 2019
Filipino Adobo dish is my favorite one. It can be a chicken adobo or pork adobo. It always comes with rice. Well, most dishes/viand here in the Philippines have to be eaten with rice. ❤
April 10, 2019
I really like lasagne, what's interesting is that I like melted cheese on it, but I don't like grated cheese on top of spaghetti for example.

Another one of my favourites is that chinese honey-sesame chicken with noodles,I eat it almost once in every week. I'm sure it's not the same as the traditional one, maybe it's not even as popular there as here. 
Usually, people alter these dishes depending on the region,e.g pizza, or other types of fast food.
I like the crispiness of the outer layer, and how the sweet taste combines with the more spicy noodles and onions.
April 10, 2019
I am totally crazy about pizza four cheese. omg I love it so badly
March 21, 2020
fish, shrimp, crabs, the salty and sweet mix of these marine animals on a paella dish is delicious and my favorite one
July 18, 2019
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