Emilio Ortega
Because, for, since, as I've read that since and as are used interchangeably in this context (cause and consequence)

But BECAUSE has a different connotation

And for is used the same than Because but it's more formal

So my question is what I read is true ?

Can I say

I'm leaving as I'm tired


As I'm tired I'm leaving


Why are you leaving ?

Because/AS I'm tired...

Apr 10, 2019 6:43 PM
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Of the options listed, “Because I’m tired” would be the most common response. All three would be easily understood but “I’m leaving as I’m tired” doesn’t sound like something a native English speaker would normally say. If I were making a comment and not answering a question I would probably say “since I’m tired, I’m leaving now” or something like that. Hopefully this helps!! ¡Saludos desde Atlanta Georgia!
April 10, 2019