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What do you think about Iran ? lets talk about it .......

what do you think about Iran ? what is your opinion about it ? Do you know it ?

please explain your viewpoint ...

Apr 10, 2019 9:44 PM
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Iran is a beautiful country with very ancient and interesting culture, great poetry. Iranian people are very friendly, polite, clever and educated. 
April 11, 2019
I visited Iran for 3 weeks in 2017, and it's a fascinating country with very warm, friendly people.  I traveled in the Northwest (Qazvin, Rasht, Masuleh), and also in the South from Tehran to Shiraz.  I'm not keen on some aspects of the government (such as the religious requirement for all women to wear the hijab), but that's a separate issue.  I'd advise anyone to get a visa and go there - just remember to take loads of hard currency, as you can't use ATMs in Iran as a foreigner :)
April 11, 2019
I would love to visit Iran one day. I am fascinated by Persian history and culture, and the cultures of the other peoples in Iran.
April 10, 2019
 Without the politic thing i  so a documentary about  how people are obssessed with nose esthetique  churgery  i don t know if it s true or not but i still find them beautifull people with black hair and green eyes 
April 10, 2019
I think it's a really interesting country with a unique culture and a welcoming and warm population that I really want to visit one day.
April 10, 2019
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