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Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions, decisions – are you good at making decisions?

Some people are decisive and make quick decisions. Other people can never decide on what to do and often change their minds, they are indecisive. Have you made an important decision lately? What are you, a decisive person or an indecisive person?

A decisive person – someone who makes decisions quickly and sticks to them.

An indecisive person – someone who is not able to make decisions quickly and keeps changing his/her mind.

Apr 11, 2019 11:25 AM
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The key to making decisions is not to over think things. I am okay at it(not so good) but I working on it. I write everything and ask myself precise question why I want something and what is its use in the log term. I made bad decisions sometime but it is the part of evolving and learning from your decisions.
I am particularly interested in Steve job's strategy of not wasting your mental energy on small decisions like which shirt will go well with a particular trouser and stuff. It prevents decision fatigue. Because of that I make a lot of meals beforehand , add exercise in my calendar, mostly buy the same grocery items which are tried and tested.
PS:I am writing this through Beta italki. Did you guys start using the community section ?
April 11, 2019
Well it would depend upon the implications of my decisions, as well as the likely consequences. If I am deliberating upon a matter that is unlikely to impact anybody else besides myself - and, myself not to a great degree - then I can be quite decisive; but a decision that I expect will have implications not just for myself but others I am likely to be more cautious about.

Having said that, I often find myself vacillating upon such trivial matters as what to have for lunch!

April 11, 2019

Firstly, thank you this discussion:) Decisive, indeciseve. Both of them are useful for us(langauge learners). 

So, I  decide really easily. Do not think it is a gift, sometimes I hurt myself but undoubtedly it helped me a lot sometimes. Making a decision is a responsible phenomenon. As I see the best way what you can do is not allow to your emotion controlling you. So do not make a decision in an important thing when you are angry, sad, too happy, too frustrated, and too tired(!). 

It is not good if you hesitate a lot because it burns a loooot of energy. Think, Analyze and Decide. You will not decide in a right way always but it is much better not to make decisions if it is neccessary.

Personally, I should improve  lot in this area:) Really good topic which was connected to langauge learning. Appreciate.

April 11, 2019

I make decisions slowly but surely. I'm not impulsive and I don't just to do things right away- I normally think of the consequences of my decisions, but I can be quick at making decisions under time pressure or when there's an emergency or uncalled for situation

I'm very decisive once I'm convinced about something, and it's impossible to change my mind once I'm sure about something 

April 11, 2019
Well done Shahin! You discussed your ideas very well!
April 11, 2019
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