Help please with Anki flashcard deck options


Can you please help me?  I have a deck of 5000 Anki flashcards in Spanish.  My plan/idea is to somehow choose which cards I want to start using, every day.

For example, today I had a conversation about travel.  I learned 10 new words in this conversation.  I want to go to my flashcard deck and add these 10 words so I am tested on them.  In other words, I want to choose when and what new words are added.

I browsed the manual but I don't easily see how to do this.


Apr 11, 2019 2:53 PM
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I would create a new, empty deck and move the cards you want to review to that deck from the 5000 as you learn them. Then you just need to review your deck every day and ignore the other one. Over time your deck will get larger and the original will get smaller until eventually you've learned it all. You can also add your own cards to your deck if you don't find a matching one in the original.

April 11, 2019
As far as I know, ANKI is not especially good for that, but here are some thoughts: You can choose to add cards in the order they were created or randomly. If those options aren’t useful, you can use the desktop program to select all cards and “suspend” them. When you want to add specific cards, simply search for them and unsuspend them manually. Honestly, though, I would just get a deck in frequency order, suspend all the cards that you already know or where the translation is completamente transparente, and go through the first thousand in one month (maybe 30 minutes a day).

One more thing: Since English and Spanish are closely related, you really don’t need to rely too heavily on flashcards at all. Start watching youtube videos — that will help get your pronunciation under control before you’ve learned 10000 words with the wrong pronunciation… much easier that way. Much.

April 11, 2019
Why don't you try Quizlet? it is much easier to use
April 11, 2019