Terecia Elshinta
The Beta Version - A New Playground to Explore?
Applause for ITalki for adding the Community section to the new version.

I found that the titles are mixed between English and Chinese (FYI, I'm using the Chinese version) The Community are all in English, I assume it was just added. I haven't explored the Notebook and the Answer sections.

There are new features on the Discussion Board:
(1) Orange and black colour for titles (differentiate between the premium authors and the regular one)

(2) Profile of the Discussion's Author displayed on the right (at least there won't be any questions such as " Where are you from", "What language are you learning?", "What level are you at right now?"

(3) Visible Tips on how to make good use of the Discussion board, such as
"Make sure you write a high quality post in order to make the best impression possible.", "You can also offer help to other language learners!" (I wonder why there's an exclamation mark, any idea?)

<em>What else do you find new about the Beta version?</em>
<em>Do you think it's better?</em>

Apr 11, 2019 3:51 PM
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The offline/online feature- the small, green circle next to a user's profile picture- is gone. Using the new beta version, I just can't know if someone is online or not. Maybe it's just temporary.
April 11, 2019
There are some good and some bad sides. Good is tahat interface is more friendly but why in the new version I can't browsing all teachers and tutors? In new veersion you have to at first choose the concrete language. Moreover tthere still didn't add more criterias for searching teachers and tutors. And the worst think - you still can't write questions and discussions in all boards. You still can write only on boards about the languages which you signed that you are learning them.
April 11, 2019
Hi Terecia,

The <em>minor</em> changes that I've seen so far;
<ul><li>The 'Write a comment' box is on top instead of below all other comments. </li><li>create bulletin points by typing dash symbol (-) in front of a line (of text), by pressing enter a new point appears below. For itemization or something. </li></ul>

That's all for now.
April 11, 2019
I checked my corrections in the notebook section. I found the display way was different and some of them were not colored or underlined, which I had done on the old version. It was troublesome to read them. Be careful. When you correct a notebook, you should write which version you chose.
April 11, 2019
Terecia, on PC the tips for Discussions are visible in old version as well. Do they mean partenrship requests by "you can also offer help"? 

It is faster.
It's not surprising: it wasn't exactly easy to make it slow and hardly their new team is able to repeat this achievement.

The main issue is that they don't display colours (and fonts?) for posts formatted in the previous version. I wonder if they display ohter kinds of formatting. For example hyperlinks:

Hyperlinks work.... how about weird colours?

April 11, 2019
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