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Would you like to tell us your Cantonese learning journey? 你愿意和我们分享你的粤语学习之旅吗? 你願唔願意同我哋分享下你嘅廣東話學習之旅呀? Why do you want to learn Cantonese? What inspired you to learn Cantonese? What methods do you use to learn Cantonese? How effective is your current study strategy?中: 你为什么想学粤语呢?什么促使你想学粤语?你用些什么方法来学习粤语呢? 你用的策略到底多有效呢?粵: 點解你想學廣東話呀? 乜嘢令到你想學廣東話? 你用啲乜嘢方法嚟學廣東話呀? 你用啲策略又幾有效呢?韩: 왜 광동어를 배우고 싶니? 광동어를 배우게 된 계기는 무엇이에요? 광둥어를 배우기 위해 어떤 방법을 사용하십니까? 당신의 현재 공부 전략은 얼마나 효과적입니까?
Apr 12, 2019 4:46 AM
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Wow, each question is so thought-provoking that you could write a book! In this comment, I’ll just try share some of my thoughts on question 1. 

1. While studying so-called “minor” languages (such as Hebrew or Català) can be immensely rewarding, Cantonese is in fact a major world language. According to the data from Ethnologue (2019, 22nd edition) as shown in the relevant Wikipedia article, Cantonese has 73 million L1 speakers. This number compares favorably with such famous languages as French (77 million), Egyptian Arabic (65 million), and Persian (all dialects: 62 million). While Cantonese may not be the official language in any sovereign country, it has millions of native speakers around the entire planet, and is still the most spoken variety of Chinese in the Western Hemisphere — the same hemisphere where I happen to live.

2. Cantonese gives you more of what you study Chinese for: More tones, more fun characters… and words that are just M or Ng and a tone. Isn’t that what Chinese is all about?

3. Historical linguistics. As a bit of a language nerd, I appreciate the fact that Cantonese pronunciation is more conservative than Mandarin. This is particularly true with the tones and the finals, which together constitute the rhyme. Naturally, this is ideal for reading Tang poetry out loud. Also, Canto-pop is famous for matching the lexical tone to the melody, which is really cool. Additionally, Cantonese has avoided the merger (before front vowels) of g k h with z c s into Modern Mandarin j q x. 

I can’t wait to read what other learners have to say! 
April 17, 2019
@Phil thanks for your interesting answer! :)
April 18, 2019