Learning Catalan - What are your favourite resources?

I thought I would start a discussion for people interested in learning Catalan as I'm having difficulty finding resources (maybe you are too?) and maybe we could share with each other our favourite resources.

Currently, I have the book called "Colloquial Catalan" which I can recommend as I have so far found it useful. It has dialogues with a breakdown of vocabulary and grammar.

I also found a youtube channel called "Learn Catalan from Barcelona" which although only has a few videos I have found them helpful.

I would love to know if anyone can recommend any apps or sites or even a youtube channel. 

So, Please do share!

Apr 12, 2019 7:10 AM
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+1 for It’s a great resource!

Betevé ( has local news, articles & short videos, for the city of Barcelona.

TV3 ( has news and tv shows in Catalan.

Netflix also has 3 series in Catalan (at least two of which were originally on TV3): Merlí, Benvinguts a la Familia, and Si No t’Hagués Conegut.

Bon profit!
July 5, 2019
Hi Casey,
Although I haven't used it myself various catalan teachers/students have recommended the website:

April 16, 2019
Hi! There's a link from Gencat (Catalunya's Government) where you can find resources for people interested in learning Catalan

Maybe it can help you ;)
April 14, 2019
I’m not sure about beginner material other than what you already have. I used to have a copy of "els Verbs Catalàns Conjugats" — there probably are websites for that kind of thing nowadays. Also, the major radio stations are available (free) online (you can Google the addresses).

My favorite: Polònia is a political satire series which is extremely funny even if you’re not too familiar with the local politics. It’s mostly Catalan, with some dialog in Castilian. Of course, it could be difficult for beginners.

Also not for beginners, free literature sites like have some selections in Català:

April 12, 2019
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