Nur Ikhsan
What u up to?

Hi people all around the world :D

i sometimes found some native people say "What u up to?" is it grammatically correct?

i think "What do u up to" is more correct.

Apr 12, 2019 3:08 PM
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The correct sentence is: “What are you up to?” (see in

But people do not talk like this, often they say “What you up to?“

Or instead of saying: “Are you up to much?” they say: “You up to much?”, “You’re up to much?”, and “Up to much?” (Very British! See: ETJ English is a must-see btw!
April 12, 2019
'What you up to?' Is an interesting phrase! In Standardised English it would be seen as ungrammatical. However, in some variations of English, such as my own (Australian English), it is used a lot in speech and would still sound natural. As an Australian English speaker, this phrase is one I hear a lot, and say a lot.

A complicated answer but to summarise:
Technically, it is ungrammatical. Though, this doesn't mean it isn't used in speech or sounds unnatural.

April 12, 2019

But "What do you up to?" is definitely wrong, isn't it?

Yeah, I noticed in the TV series Elementary that one character (who was a gang member) often didn't use the verb "to be". He said for instance "she mine" when in standard English it should have been "she is mine".

April 12, 2019
Maybe you misheard. It should be "What are you up to?"
April 12, 2019