Dan Nichols
Spanish / English - Grammar Exchange - Intercambio de gramatica

Hola [email protected]! Estoy un estudiante de español en universidad y estoy buscando a compañ[email protected] de lenguaje interambios.

I am looking for a motivated language exchange partner! I will always be happy to offer support with grammar, pronunciation, and idioms, and we can just do quick messages or skype conversations regularly.

If you are looking for a motivated learning partner, then you have found it here! I am hoping to make the most of our time practicing and will be steadily learning for the next year because of my plan to get a Spanish minor.



Apr 12, 2019 5:22 PM
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Hello Dan,my name is brenda im a native spanish speake, im learning to speak english, we can help each other
April 14, 2019
Hi, Daniel. It would be great to help you with spanish and receive help with my english learning.
April 13, 2019
Hello! I can help you both with spanish or brazilian portuguese. Cya
April 13, 2019
I'm a native Spanish speaker looking for a native English speaker. We can exchange languages if you want in order to give us feedback and improve.
April 13, 2019