What is the difference btween argument and argumentation ??
Apr 12, 2019 7:55 PM
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I would say argumentation is how you reason your ideas or belief

Whereas argument is when opposing ideas and beliefs are presented in hopes of reaching a conclusion where one idea is right and the other is wrong

The difficult decision would be trying to choose when to use argumentation instead of argument

My preference would be to only use argumentation when referring specifically to one idea, but even then, it doesn't necessarily rule out the use of argument

I hope this helps

April 12, 2019
Of course, both words have many meanings and quirks (I hate when words can mean several things, don't you?). Simplistically, I think of argumentation as a sort of process where you put everything together in your head to present your points of view, or even put things in your head with things in other people's heads to arrive at a conclusion. The first would be the skill of ordering thoughts prior to a discussion, and the second would be the actual discussion. An argument brings with it (but not always - eg. lawyers' or politicians' arguments) the idea of tempers being lost.
April 12, 2019