Accents In GOT Do native English speakers hear different accents in Games Of Thrones series? If you do, don't you find it weird to hear, if people are playing the one family according to the scenario?

For example, the Lannisters... Jaime is a Danish actor, Cersei is English, Tyrion is American, Joffrey is Irish, Tommen is English. But they are all close family, siblings or parents and sons, therefore they are supposed to speak similarly, from my point of view. Do they speak different accents?

I think it might be weird to watch the life of the family realizing that they all speak differently. It probably would spoil my impression on the film, if I am able to recognize that. I would think that something unnatural is going on.

Or maybe all these actors have reduced their accents in drama schools and speak some average English now? 
Apr 13, 2019 1:34 PM
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I think changing the accent comes from learning to listen to the pronunciation of a certain accent. For instance in the Australian accent it is common to raise the pitch at the end of words, making statements sound almost like questions. Actors normally have dialogue coaches who will teach them these specific nuances that each accent has.  
April 19, 2019

Hi Miriam,

Uhmmm good question. An actor's training includes "freeing" their voice and breaking out of their usual speaking habits.  This gives them a lot of flexibility in the way they speak, which includes using other accents. So there's a bit of groundwork to do before they have a "talent" for accents.

Some of the work behind using different accents is simply listening to how your own speaking habits differ from the target accent. You could literally list the differences, and then work on replacing your habits with new ones. That would be a start. :)

April 19, 2019
Yes, I hear his 'last'. It was pronounced with stretched 'a' sound. 

Watching this video I realized that I understand almost all what they are saying. It's a big progress for me. I watched the previous seasons with subtitles, because the lexicon was complicated for me to understand a few years ago. It's a good news☺
April 16, 2019

Actors today need to be able to adopt whatever accent the role demands. In simple terms, the accent which we hear is the accent of the character, not of the actor. When an actor is preparing for a role, they take on a new persona, which involves adopting the body language, tone of voice and accent of the character they are playing. This is especially the case with historical and fantasy dramas. Actors often work with professional dialect coaches to train them in regional accents.

The UK has a very complex and multi-layered landscape of accents reflecting not only geography, but often also the social class, status, education and age of the speaker.  The accents of the fictional country in Game of Thrones mirror this to a large extent.  Regardless of the origin of the actors, the nobility speak in RP accents, while the lower-status families have regional (mainly northern) accents. 

NB  The exceptions here are:

- Sean Bean. He acts in his own gruff Yorkshire accent. 

- Peter Dinklage. His American pronunciation comes through, so he sometimes just sounds weird.

April 14, 2019

Hi Natalia! No answer to your question (I'm just looking forward to learning what other people think, as well), but rather a couple of funny videos on it :)) - The Lannisters' accents. Scale of poshness inside :)

April 13, 2019
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