Briefly introduction of my situation (look for partners to practice English)
I am a junior student at the university, and I am going to study my Master Degree in the United States this fall. I apply for the school through a program called "Dual Bachelor's Master's Degree." The program can waive the GMAT or GRE score. However, my English is not good enough to live in the U.S., especially my skills in English speaking. Therefore, I desire to highly improve my English speaking/listening before I arrive in the U.S.; I hope to have a successful experience of studying in the U.S. in the future.

Please help me to correct it if there are any mistakes. Thank you in advance.
(If you wanna find a partner to practice English or you can help me, please message me!)
Apr 13, 2019 5:45 PM
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Hi Peggy! There are many tutors and teachers of American English on iTalki who can help you improve your listening and speaking skills.
April 13, 2019