Secrets of success

Hello everyone I hope you all are fine
Today we can discuss vital and very important subject
Feel free to speak 
Let's help each other  
Let's make the world better
Express your opinions whatever they are 
This is my opinion and I wait for all of yours (your opinions)
When you have a goal you have to divide it into small parts or stations so you can measure your progress and modify your strategies if needed
Also dividing your big goal into small consequent targets or parts you will never get bored and your will won't be depressed
So I suggest some tips to help and make difference
1-Specify your goal . You have to make it clear to have perfect results
2- Measurable: as I mentioned before to make your goal measurable units/parts it will give you excellent impression /vision about progress rate
3-Achievable: You have to choose something possible for your abilities, resources and time Really it is a matter of must to take this point into consideration   
4- Reward: reward yourself every time you become close to your goal not only when you reach it as brain is fond of being rewarded
 5-To :to seek your dream /goal even with one leg with one hand or even you are near to die is better than being depressed
Have a strong will ,have a passion have a faith that your sun can rise and shines everywhere every time and you will see the perfect version of you
Keep moving forward whatever the hardness and obstacles you face

Remember that your heart's faith and the will of your brain can be the sun which is able to face & beat  life's hardness and every obstacles /impediments in the whole planet

Let's be genius
Let's be heroes

Apr 14, 2019 4:30 PM
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That's very good
April 14, 2019
Gracias mucho 
April 14, 2019
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