Only spot classes?

I am having difficulties to understand the learning path on italki. Teachers only do isolated classes and this seems a little unproductive.

I tried two teachers and no one has a study plan. Reading the teachers descriptions it looks like the same.
Am I right? Italki works in this way? I'm a little disappointed.
Apr 15, 2019 10:57 AM
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This is a marketplace where you and your teacher (or teachers) can do whatever works best for you, making course corrections in real time to optimize your learning. Many of us can provide “structure” (certainly any “professional teacher” should be able to), but most of my students are sick and tired of bricks-and-mortar institutions, schools and academies that provide lots of structure and very little else. By the time they come to italki, such students are more interested in improving their language skills than in so-called “structure”. If you want “structure”, you should message a teacher ahead of time, explain *exactly* what you have in mind, and see if and how they can accommodate you. For example, I am a fan of some of the Cambridge book series, which we will use if and only if we agree that that is the most powerful way to maximize the student's progress). With italki, the student has lots of choice — that’s a good thing.

April 15, 2019

italki teachers are completely independent. No two teachers are alike. Teachers offer whatever kinds of lessons they want. italki teachers don't follow one single, standardized set of lessons.

italki isn't a method of teaching or a set of lessons.

Italki is a marketplace for connecting students and teachers. Italki manages scheduling, payments, and student satisfaction.

If you want a structured, formal course of lessons, you have to find a teacher who says they offer one. You should read each teacher's profile and watch their video. You should send them a message and ask them about it. Then you should book a trial lesson and see what they are like.

April 15, 2019

@Alex - italki is not a school but a marketplace.  Students look for teachers who can help them achieve their learning goals.  If the student isn't satisfied with one teacher's response to their initial contact, they move on to another teacher.  If the student isn't satisfied with one teacher's lesson, they move on to another teacher.

Students can request a custom learning plan from a teacher.  In my case, I would spend the initial lesson devoted to a discussion of goals and an evaluation of the student, then propose a basic plan.  If a student wanted a detailed plan, I would charge them for the time to develop the plan.  

April 15, 2019
Kerry italki doesn't allow advertising. Two teachers here and none did advertising, that lack of respect. Neither answer the student did you answer. Then the value for a beginner and more for South Africa compared to the other South Africans are very high.
April 15, 2019

Hello, Alex! What do you mean by isolated classes? It's like "today we are talking about the verb /to be/ and jobs, next time about gerund and colors"?

Anyway, different teachers - different approaches. It takes time to find a perfect one for you.

Best wishes

April 15, 2019
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