An English Native Speaker

Hi Everybody!
I am just looking for an english native speaker who is able to help me anytime. I'm planning to go to USA to work for a long time in the end of the year. I just wanna improve my english even more.Finding any of you is the best way to make it real.
Shortly I am usually busy cause of my job which takes a lot of time of my day , the thing is I can't often log in here so I can keep in touch with you by Whatsapp. I would like to engage in small talk! 
Looking forward to meeting new friends here.
Just a quick note to say , I'm not looking for any girlfriend.
Best Regards

Apr 16, 2019 6:24 PM
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Hi Cihan,

How exciting that you are planning to come to the US! I'm a native speaker of American English and a tutor here on iTalki. If you would like a lesson and you are okay with skype, I'm available.



April 16, 2019
Hello, I am a native English speaker from the UK. You're welcome to schedule a lesson with me.
April 16, 2019