How did I learn English? I wrote an article
Since I was a child I remember I was fascinating with english language, with the way english native speakers pronunced words, sentences, they way they talked and sounded.  It was just amazing. I was a little child, maybe a 7 year-old boy but it was clear to me that english was the language that I wanted to speak. But at that moment I didn’t have any idea about grammar rules,  vocabulary and stuff; my english was limited to simple Greetings expressions that I learned in school. But it was not untill my last year in high school when I really felt that passion for this language, english became in my favorite subject besides geography and history and I enrolled in the general english contest of my school and I won the second place, when I saw the results I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was more tan happy. I used to spend my free time reviewing english books and trying to learn some basic stuff by myself. 

When I was studying in the university I took up english clasess and I started from the scratch, but the big challengue to me it was when I had to speak for the very first time in english, my teacher took each one of us to the next classroom and aksed us some questions, I remember I wasn’t nervous, I wanted to say more things that I knew at that moment but I couldn’t because I was just a biggener and that’s  when I came around that I had to give baby steps during my english learning process If I wanted to see a good results.

Sadly I stopped studiyng english because after I finished university I started working as a journalist and I didn’t have much time for it, but with the passage of time I decided to finish what I had started long years ago. In 2014 everything was so different since the last time that I studied english with the boom of internet, social medias, youtube, Facebook, and cell phones and couldn’t even imagine how much those stuff would help me to improve my language skills.
And I went to an english accademy in my city, I took english online classess at the same time and when I found out that there were a lot of free english classess on youtube  I was like a baby with chocolate I was really astonished and thrilled I couldn’t believe that I had  all that treasure just for me, just for me. I spent a lot of my free time watching those calssess, soap operas, tv series, movies, documentaries all of them in english. That’s when I understood that If I wanted to improve my english language skills, English had to be part of my daily life.  
Then I decided to explore a little bit more and be part of online language communities, I met Friends from all over the world who I had and I have the opportunity to sepak with and improve my speaking skills. I graduated from the english accademy and I got my international certificate in english.

English language has the power to opens up my soul to express myself in ways I couldn’t do in Spanish. It was not a mandatory thing I had to do for school or my job, or because I had the pressuare to do it because of my parents. It was and it is my passion and it is the language that I want to speak. 

And I know that the big question is Do I have to go to an english speaking country to become fluent?. The answer is NO, because nowdays we have all the possible resources in our hands to learn and improve our language skills,  but if you have the opportunity, if you can afford that, just do it because it will be so helpfull.

My advice: don’t be shy even if u make mistakes, because making mistakes is part of the process, even if you don’t have anyone around to speak with, speak with yourself in from of the mirror, record your voice in your celphone, change the settings from your phone, Facebook and social medias in english. Make english part of your daily life. 
Apr 16, 2019 8:58 PM