French makes me anxious

I love French don't get me wrong. I watch movies,  listen to music, read books( recently readig Eleanor et park) but when it comes to speaking 😰😰😰 i panic.

That day, i was in a supermarket and a French old man stepped on my foot and he said pardonne moi.  All i needed is saying c'est pas grave.  But i panicked 😳😳 and said nothing. Just standing there. I left feeling horrible, it happens all the time. 

Help please.

How can i come over this???

Apr 17, 2019 1:51 AM
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Hey OP,

I feel you. The best way to overcome is theoretically very simple; "just do it". Get out of your comfort zone. Say what you think is correct at the time; you may get it wrong or you may get it right. In the beginning, you'll get more wrong than right, but no one will laugh at you, especially if they know you're learning a language. In fact, it's endearing to see someone try a new language, and risk failing.

The more mistakes you make in conversation, the more you'll get used to the feeling and you'll realise that there are no negative consequences. In other words, what's the worst thing that can happen? There is only a net-benefit; learning from your mistakes.

With that said, keep practicing and have fun!
April 17, 2019