Michael Placid
My wife lost her cell phone tonight. I think this topic isn't relevant to the language learning and not much people interested in my post. But I want to mark down what I think and please tell me what should I do. Tonight my wife and I went to having a buffet with my friend's family. After dinner when we were on our way to home. We were in order to GPS the routine to home and caught bus, meanwhile my baby was crying that wanting to hold. my wife dropped the phone to the ground when she was cuddling this clingy one. Because it was very dark. We didn't know the phone was dropped. Just few minutes later my wife realized the phone was lost. And she remembered vaguely that two people passed by. And my friend texted by wechat immediately and they replied that they were driving. Sorry... and my friend was very urgent. Dialing many times too. The phone wasn't picked up and they closed it soon. Until the midnight to 1 am I dialed again. It was ringing again. But I worry it was disturbing them so I hung up soon. My wife's phone has password when restarting it and it wasn't famous brand just full of memories images and data. I struggled should I call them or waited for tomorrow? Please correct my bad English if you feel any mistakes and tell me what should I do? Have a great night. 
Apr 17, 2019 5:45 AM
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It's very sad. I understand you. It is easy to lose the mobile phone when you are walking with the baby. Sometimes children require too much attention to be able to think about something else. I've been in the same situation several times, luckily each time people brought me my phone back or told how I can get it. I never block the mobile phone by a password and people can call to somebody I know. It isn't a good idea if you have some banking soft, but I don't use it. 
April 17, 2019
Many thanks Victor. Your suggestion is good. And maybe tomorrow they will answer the phone and return to us. But my baby was little headstrong. Cause my wife lost the mobile. And he is too small. I concluded, Afterwards we will be careful the belonging. Thank you again.
April 17, 2019
I think you have to avoid making a generalization about a whole group of people because of the actions of only one or two who happen to be of a certain race.

In fact I would advise you to edit your entry to remove that part about the group being "greedy ...".  It's really not fair to all those people who had nothing to do with your problem. 

By the way, you ought to call the network provider (carrier) for the phone to report the loss as soon as possible. 
April 17, 2019
I'm sorry about what happened.  I hope you will have better luck in the future.  You seem like a good person so that is why I thought to offer advice. 

Sometimes the carrier can help track down the phone and also block the number so you don't get charged for usage after the loss.  You can probably do the blocking yourself online. 
April 17, 2019
Hi, John. For me, I had once returned a lost wallet to nearby town's home guy. I used his ID address to take the taxi. This was my personal encountering. And of course it wasn't respreseted to a group of people's generalization. Thank you for pointing me out. I am a Chinese that I don't think I should report my loss by phone, my English wouldn't be enough and useless. I just buy a new one I am planing if I couldn't take it back. The power doesn't last long and with password on that. It seems very bad luck but I am good. Just a lesson for us. 
April 17, 2019