I need help to learn Arabic (egypt) for daily conversation

It's tiring to learn new language alone by watching Youtube videos or read some articles.

I heard that the easiest Arabic is the Egyptian style, so I want to start from here.

I'm female. Indonesian. My English is pretty good. We can also learn English together.

I prefer to learn through Whatsapp text/voice notes.

Please message me your whatsapp number if you are interested. Thank you~

Apr 17, 2019 11:35 AM
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Good luck Ebik 😊
April 17, 2019
Hello I'm Egyptian lady
April 17, 2019

Thank you Samar :)) 💛

April 18, 2019

Hello Shaimaa :) Thank you for your response. If you're interested please kindly send me your Whatsapp number in private message. Thanks in advance, dear.

April 17, 2019