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Let not the pious judge the meek;
عیب رندان مـکـن ای زاهد پاکیزه سرشـت
Each for his own deeds will speak.
کـه گـناه دگران بر تو نـخواهـند نوشـت
Whether I’m good or bad, you judge yourself;
مـن اگر نیکـم و گر بد تو برو خود را باش
You reap what you sow, find what you seek.
هر کـسی آن درود عاقبت کار کـه کـشـت
Everyone is seeking love, sober or drunk;
همـه کـس طالب یارند چه هشیار و چه مست
Everywhere a house of love, yet so unique.
همه جا خانه عشق است چه مسجد چه کنشت
I submit my head on the tavern’s bricks,
سر تـسـلیم مـن و خـشـت در میکده‌ها
If you don’t understand, just take a peek.
مدعی گر نکـند فهم سخن گو سر و خـشـت
Let me keep my hope of eternal grace,
ناامیدم مـکـن از سابـقـه لـطـف ازل
Behind the veil, who is good, who the freak?
تو پس پرده چه دانی که که خوب است و که زشت
Not only I fell out of virtuous path,
نـه مـن از پرده تـقوا بـه درافـتادم و بـس
My father too, treaded that path oblique.
پدرم نیز بـهـشـت ابد از دسـت بهـشـت
Hafiz, on your deathbed, bring the cup to your cheek.
حافـظا روز اجـل گر بـه کـف آری جامی
You go from the tavern straight to the heaven’s peak.
یک سر از کوی خرابات برندت بـه بـهـشـت

Hafez (حافظ)

Apr 17, 2019 6:58 PM
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In previous discussions like this, I've recommended Wendell Berry (try "to Know the Dark" or "Sabbath 1989: 1") and Patiann Rogers (try "Achieving Perspective" or "Justification of the Horned Lizard").  Today, let's go with Li Bai, translated by Arthur Cooper:

The Waterfall on Lu Mountain

When, west, I climbed Incense Brazier Peak
I southward saw curtained cataracts
Suspend their stream some three thousand feet
Then roar through dales several miles away;
Sudden as if flying lightning came,
But mystic too, as white rainbows rose:
At first I feared Milky Way had dropped,
And sprinkled stars, falling through the clouds.

As I looked up they increased in force
So mighty was the creator's work:
An ocean wind blew there without cease.
The river moon gave skies back their light
Skies in which random torrents rushed;
To left and right green walls were washed
By flying pearls scattering light mist
And streaming foam boiling round great rocks!

Let me travel to those glorious peaks
Where I may feel peace grow in my heart.
I'll have no need more for magic draughts
For I may there wash dust from my face
And enjoy there lodging that I love
Ever parted from the world of men.

April 18, 2019


Thank you Sara. was very beautiful poems 🌸👌🏻😊

April 18, 2019
In My country, These are called Ghazals originated from Arabia and popular in Persian and Indo-Pak culture. And mostly adapted into songs here are some links from Youtube. First one is the Poetry above:
April 18, 2019

What (I) said (you) heard, not paid attention; what (I) wrote (you) read and erased

(I am) mountain when I stop; (I am) beyond life when I walk

April 18, 2019

In English:

Do not waste (your) half drawn arrow, (I have already) lost (broken pieces of my) heart.
Collect and save the left-over stones, (my) injured or wounded body is (already) wasted

Let my health giver know, let the procession of foes know
He whose soul was indebted has settled his dues today

Keep the burial shroud atilt on (my) forehead, lest my assassin may have misgivings
(that) Pride of self-importance or arrogance of love, I forgot after death.

April 18, 2019
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