about Discord groups. A few minutes ago a teacher posted here an advertisment of a group in Discord. 

Soon it was deleted: apparently as a "competitor" of Italki. No, it is not a competitor! 

Forum members once in a while experiment with Skype and Discord groups, voice threads and other things that involve audio and video communication. Italki itself decided not to have this functionaliry. Two langauge partners can have a conversation in Skype or Discord. Several language partners can have a group conversation and for this they must organize it on the forum.

But such a group can't be as "big" as Italki and is not a competitor to it. It is a supplement!

The reason why the post looked like an advertisment is that, when there are only a few members in the group, they come online in different times and there is no conversation:) To make it successful you need to attract more people.

Without being able to organize audio sessions outside Italki, people will hardly find the site useful:/

Apr 18, 2019 10:04 AM
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Thanks for this information. I wondered why this post got deleted. It's actually nothing else than a Whatsapp or Skype group invitation and definiteky not a violation of the irakki terms.

But can you explain how these discord groups work? Are they effective? I tried Skype and Whatsapp groups and didn't like them and honestly I can't imagine that the discord groups are any better...

April 18, 2019

Thanks for the explanation! Hm, I have Discord on my phone. I'll just give it a try. What I didn't like about the Skype and WhatsApp grouo that they're either boring or too busy. It's difficult to keep up with a continuous group discussion. I also didn't like that majority of members kept silent. I also wonder how you take turns in an audio discussion. Is it only audio in Discord or is it also possible to use video?

April 18, 2019
Miriam, perhaps it is not better. I never tried Whatsapp groups (but there is a thing I love about Whatsapp).

Discord is just a bit different way to organize space (and also membership) and communication. It was made for gamers.

You create there a so called "server". You invite your friends to there. Within this server you can create a number of text or audio channels, each dedicated to its own purpose. 

Text channels essencialy work as chats. You can pin importan messages, you can share files but there is 8MB limit:(( Youtbe links and recordings can be played right inside it and sharing photgrpahs is also rather convenient.

You see who is in which audio channel at the moment. And there are no "calls".  You join it (if the channel is open). When you have joined you hear them. 
The point of this: coordinating group activity in games.

As with Skype or Whatsapp, everything depends on the people there. It is just that these people have more options to organize the space but without some very active members the whole thing won't work.

April 18, 2019
April 18, 2019