Language partner requests in the Answer section

I don't know for how long it has been like this, but now that they are trying to take over the Answer section as they somewhat did with the Discussion section, I'm thinking of reporting each one of them to get deleted permanently. Yes, it may sound cruel but there is a rule there that prohibit such requests.

If you agree, then start reporting those "questions" whenever you come across them. Thank you

Apr 18, 2019 10:52 AM
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The problem is that the language partner search tool isn't effective and there is no real place to effectively look for language partners. And italki is just not the place for finding instant conversation partners. There are other much more fitting apps for doing that. I'm afraid we just have to live with the fact that new users aren't taking time to get to know the functions of italki but place their ads everywhere. But as annoying language partner ads are, I wouldn't report anyone for it. I don't think they mean harm. They're just to lazy to read the instructions of the answers area (or any other area). I only report scammers and spammers. 
April 21, 2019

Maybe some people thought <em>it won't do any harm to the community.</em>
Maybe some people thought <em>no one would report them.</em>
Maybe some people thought <em>it's not a real world where officers could put them into custody.</em>
Maybe some people thought <em>it's worth to try.</em>
Maybe some people <em>can't read English.</em>
Maybe some people <em>are</em> <em>rule breakers in the real world.</em>
Maybe some people <em>felt powerful after breaking the rule, especially when there's nothing happened afterwards</em>.
Maybe some people <em>got the excitement after breaking the rule which caused adrenaline rush.</em>

I'm trying to put myself on their shoes which somehow failed me.
April 18, 2019


I have reported all the language partner requests from this moment till one day ago, besides downvoting them alongside their answers.

So happy to be useful for this site at last! And I have decided to do the same lovely trip each time I come to ask.

April 18, 2019


You might want to read this: 


It is a guide for newcomers. And welcome to italki, by the way!

April 21, 2019

@Terecia and @Miriam (since you both pointed out nearly the same thing)

It surprises me that no one found that annoying as much as I found it. Seeking a language partner is not the one and only solution for learning a foreign language, nor it can be achieved by posting on all the sections in the site which leads to a huge mess and create many distractions from each section purpose.

Also, by posting on the Answer section, they take the askers' right who are the ones in the right place while the former are not.

So, what forces the askers to accept getting their rights away from them when they did nothing but being respectful to the site rules!?

April 21, 2019
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