How do you feel when you are learning a new language?


I have had the opportunity to speak with native speakers of English and Spanish. The impression I have is that, just like the Brazilians, the natives of Spanish are more open, they risk more and don,t care so much about making mistakes, after all, we learn and develop a new language trying, mistaking, learning and training.

However, I also realized that people from other countries are closed and shy when they are learning a new language. Especially Americans are tightly closed or often very shy. Is it just an impression on my part? Or does the local culture really influence shyness?

Apr 18, 2019 12:56 PM
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Hello Yahya, thank you for also commenting.

I really liked what you wrote! The support of natives to foreigners who are learning the local language is very important!

In Brazil, specifically. We do not care about foreign accents or mistakes, frankly, most of us like a lot of foreign accents.

We also like to help with the Portuguese and we are happy about that. The fact that a person from different country and culture is interested in our country and culture makes us happy.

finally you are right Currently with access to internet and social networks learning a new language has become easier. And without doubts it is much more productive than traditional language schools.

April 18, 2019
I'm from Arabian countries my level doesn't very high in English language to write professional articles ,so I'm going to try and discuss about this topic , firstly in my countries when someone wants to learn a new language there is no big problems especially in speaking or pronunciation side. Just the problem probably can happen as usual is in the writing. From advantages side as I am seeing in my community alots of them have fluency in speaking skills. As for reading and listening thay are different between person to another person , but thay in generally have good level especially the person who already learned a new language.for example, when a person leaned Chinese language then wants to learn English language that will become more easy to him or her because they know the ways or methods their minds can understand easily. In summary , leans new language is becoming more easy than ever, that because these days we have alots from learning Resources such as the most important resources worth mention absolutely is internet also social media, thay are more effective than normal study such as schools or Institute as for my self I admire study alone strongly .
April 18, 2019
Hi Heidi, thanks for the comment.

It's great to read this! I'm really happy!
Especially since the Vietnamese language should not be easy to learn, I suppose. You must be struggling a lot.

April 18, 2019

I’m Australian but living and working in Vietnam and learning the language.

For me, I’m not shy at all when it comes to trying to speak Vietnamese. I have always found that Vietnamese speakers have been incredibly patient and encouraging.  I think they are happy that I am trying my best to learn the local language and forgive my mistakes and really try to understand me.

I would encourage all learners to give speaking a go. People are kind and supportive when you’re learning, especially if you’re a foreigner in their country.

April 18, 2019
For Chinese, I think most of us can be really shy at the beginning. I have been learning English for a long time. However, when I was at school, I barely spoke any English. On the one hand, the speaking skill was not tested at school so the English classes did not focus on it at all. On the other hand, I felt I just did not know how to start. Worrying about making mistakes is not the main issue. It takes time for me to use language as a tool to communicate with people. I could not speak at all at the beginning enven I can read pretty well. But I picked up the spoken skills pretty fast since I had already knew them in a way. I think once peopel reach at a certain level of fluency, they will speak more confidently, no matter where they come from.
April 18, 2019
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