Why is it better to evaluate the country only by villages?
Why is it better to evaluate the country only by villages?
Because it is the country places that shows the true level of care of the state system for its citizens. In cities, no matter how provincial they are, there is a system of private business, which gives the country a civilized look. All these outlets, centers,cinemas, sports clubs and much more, mostly kept on an entrepreneurial basis.
But in the village of Gukovo or New Obrygany do not live fat-witted uncle.
That is why Russian villages are at the level of the 19th century. There is no Sewerage and gas pipelines, no work, total drunkenness, no roads, normal schools and hospitals.When I was little , I often went to the village of Nagatino, near Galich, the city of Kostroma region. As you know,  everything solves the aftertaste, and the aftertaste should be infused for years to understand the contrast of the situation. One day, at the age of 13, my brother took me to a village "club", a basement hole, where all the entertainment of young people, which I then saw - to thump and throw a penknife into a painted target on a wooden basement door, accompanied by all this talk, where 90 percent of the words - selected swearing. On the same day after the club we went to a local girl who we long and proudly told me how she married ex-convict and they will finally go live from the village in Halych - lavotory town , even by Russian standards. I still can't believe I remember this, because it seems to me that it was not, I do another century and another boy, and memories in me, just someone uploaded much later. I do not believe that my work but the new Arbat in Moscow and visits to the village - all this is the life of one person in one century, in one Millennium , with a difference of 8 years. ( in village I was in 2004, in Moscow worked in 2012).
Here is your Russia .Here they are your foreign cars on the roads, boutiques on the Arbat and Belgian coffee shops in St. Petersburg.... Here is your " Well, Russia still not bad country, not as Africa." Here they are your space innovations, scientific institutes and fashionable hairstyles on the heads of the Moscow 17-year-old children.
When you go to the country, look at the village for there is truth.
Apr 18, 2019 5:18 PM
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Я привел лишь свой личный опыт.Я рад что у тебя он иной.
April 19, 2019
As for level of care, Russia is unlucky here. Russian peasanry is unlucky.

Serfdom that after Peter the Great (it's explained by taxation imposed by the "modorenized" state on landlords) evolved into slavery of some 95% of population.
Freedom from slavery since 1860s was nevertheless poverty.

Soveit state proclamed itself to be workers' and peasants' state. But only workers were privileged. Peasants were striped of full citizenship rights and freedom of movement. The last of them to obtain internal IDs (passports) did so in... 70s.

And then everyone moved to cities and i mosly only see old people in villages. I assume it was not really fun there or why else would they move?

April 19, 2019
Tumur, wow!!!
Some my bright village impressions are connected to another village near the same town of Galich in Kostroma region.
It was 2004 I think. The same year as you.

 And it was entirely different. 

1) no youth AT ALL.
2) 1-2 family per a village. Most people migrate from there. Local soil is actually not particularly good for farming.
Some houses were disassembled for firewood.
The girl whose guest I was (she's from Moscow and bought a house there) made freinds with EVERYONE in several miles radius. We visited them.  It was an insteresing feeling: "3 kilometers to North-East is the house of ..., while .... live 2 kilometers to South". 

"Selo" is a Russian word for a large village that has a church. I'm not even sure if in the nearby selo there was anyone living besides father Anastasy and his mother. 

3) My impression of people was positive. It weren't 90% swear words.
Many of them weren't truly "local" though, but came from other regions, like father Anastasy (he was a monk in Keiv Pechersk Lavra before he came). But they al were old.
April 19, 2019
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