What is the correct sentence?

 Hi Everybody, 

Please I need some help in the sentence below.  I have a question, what is  the correct sentence?

On Saturday, I will to get my hair cut.


On Saturday, I will to getting my hair cut.

I have a question because the use of gerudion after the preposition to.


Apr 18, 2019 6:34 PM
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Hi Barbara, Neither of the sentences that you wrote are correct.  I am not a trained teacher so I may not be using the correct terms, but after a modal or helping verb (like "will") you should not use "to".  Your sentences could be written as:

On Saturday, I will get my hair cut.

On Saturday, I will be getting my hair cut.

April 18, 2019
Il futuro con will nella frase affermativa si forma con soggetto   - will (o shall per I and we) - forma base del verbo. Non va assolutamente bene usare "to" dopo will. La frase con "to / -ing" non è applicabile all'uso di will. Spero di essere stata chiara :)
April 18, 2019