Do you write personal diary?

What advantages do you get? Is it helps change your life? 

Please share your esperience

Apr 18, 2019 7:40 PM
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I used to write a diary but now I don't. (I am toooo lazy 😅)

But it's a really great habit! Because when you read your own diary after some days... It becomes the most interesting thing you can read ever! You don't even get bored after reading it again & again...
April 18, 2019
Well, I do it basically to practice english rather than a personal thing, but i admit that I feel better and it helps me to "find myself" it's like a friend who's going to be there everytime you need to listen to you
April 18, 2019
Me personally I think it's not a good idea. Maybe I might take some notes regarding my key tasks, but I wouldn't write there my personal feelings.
April 18, 2019