Kaj pomeni "hotel reko si"?

"You wanted the river". I think this is what it is? It would make sense with the rest of the song (Širni Ocean -- Raiveni)

Reko is from reka. But it can also be from reči.

Out of curiosity, what does "reko" mean when it comes from "reči" and how would you use it?

Apr 19, 2019 2:29 AM
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The word order is not neutral because it's a song. Therefore it's not directly obvious if "reko" is a verb or a noun. But you are right, it means the river: "You wanted a river, to you I'm an ocean."

In standard Slovenian "reko" cannot be derived from the verb "reči". There is a participle "rekoč" which comes the closest.

There are dialects however which use an -o suffix for -l (past) participle: "rekel" becomes "reko", "delal" becomes "delo".
June 21, 2019
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